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Summary of ryosononeroajihonpok namas so far:

  • They all went to Pokkun’s house after the bday party (clear apparently went home?).
  • Sono can play guitar, wow I didn’t know that.
  • No one is talking, Pokkun keeps yelling at Honbu for him to talk.
  • Honbu and nero sleeping while Sono plays and Pokkun cackles and yells (how?).
  • Sono: “…are they even alive?” Ryo: “lol idfk”
  • They decide to play horror games.
  • Ajikko proposes “outbrasto” (Outlast.). ryosono all “idfk what that is”.
  • They decide to play Ao Oni.
  • Honbu is still scared of horror games.
  • Ryo still sucks at games (even tho he’s played Ao Oni a thousand times).
  • Sono comes in to save the day and plays a bit and doesn’t fail.
  • Pokkun is also scared, so he ran off to make food with Ajikko.
  • Ryo runs off and leaves Honbu alone to see wtf they doing.
  • nero is still asleep.
  • Honbu freezes game, freaks out and calls for Ryo.
  • Ryo goes back and cakles at Honbu because he was only on the menu, game wasn’t frozen…
  • Pokkun set the kitchen on fire.
  • Ryo and Honbu play with Sono chimming in every once in a while.
  • Pokkun and Ajikko come back and everyone eats.
  • Food was apparently good (and not burned….).
  • nero is prolly dead by now and no one noticed.


Ultimate Madoka

By GiantRobot

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ゆえつ♀ nby 狂zip
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By まこと
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clear, nero, Ryo-kun, Sono, Honbu, Pokkun and Ajikko all together celebrating cleanerojikko’s bdays, I’m done with this world goodbye


If you wish to become a magus, that is the path you must follow.
it’s no big deal, just that I can’t go out at this time (since I got smth looks like burn scars all over my body because of that allergic orz) and my head hurt a little but well other than that it’s fine and yes let’s die together tomorrow www

Nyoooo take care of yourself, frend ; w ; I’ll prolly either wake up early or stay up late for it, depending on how tired I am when I finish workd sobs


Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken
By 尤石馬

「I can’t see.」

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I should be able to get my copy today but suddenly I got a little allergic attack I can’t barely go out orz even though I though I’ll be able to rip it for you just a little faster…. sorry (´;ω;`)

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