Just ordered PH volume 22 limited edition for that cover, goodbye

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Summer anime 2014 visual guide, entire thing as one full image here. If you like what I’m doing, check out my main blog where these are hosted without me having to deal with cutting them up or getting resized to ant levels.

Stargazed Charts

I thought I didn't have any regrets when I died.
But the reason I ended up taking this assignment and coming back
was because I actually do have one regret.
The fact that I left you behind.

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An illust from Garakuta Innocence— the third novel.

The other day, I was searching for “***-kun” on tumblr and I saw someone’s post saying that they had just picked up their tickets for his concert and I got really excited and opened the post to message the person and then I realized it was C-chan.

A story of a lonely monster.

/whispers Someone pls shoot me, I don’t want to go to those concerts anymore, just please cries